The Ministry Of Slam Radio Show began its life in January 2009. Hosts Lee Tyers and Andy Evans had previously hosted shows such as ‘The Squared Circle’ and ‘Legends and Champions’ so they started with an idea of what to do, and what not to do. From this time until the show’s closing in 2012 the show was hailed as one of the most innovative, entertaining and fun pro-wrestling shows of all time.

The show has interviewed some of the very best in the business, including names such as Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, AJ Styles, Jim Ross, Michael Cole, Ted DiBiase and many more. They were pretty good too!! On several occasions the show won awards from relating to their interviews.

We’ve been featured in publications like FSM and talked about on many websites – who took our word as gospel! We formed relationships with many stars of the business and worked closely with several promotions to help promote upcoming events.

The show’s highlight was back in 2012 where we upped sticks and moved our production to Belushi’s bar in Brighton to do a live show in the run up to WrestleMania 28. We did all the usual spots, including a very special live version of ‘A Question Of Sports Entertainment’ in front of the MOS faithful, and a live set from Lawrence’s band Voodoo Vegas!

In August of 2012 the Ministry Of Slam closed it’s doors, due to mounting external pressures from family, work, and other pursuits. In an attempt to keep the MOS name alive the show was handed over to Chris Duke, former host of the ‘One Wrestling Show’ in Scotland, and then ceased production shortly afterwards.

Five years later in 2017, Ministry Of Slam returned! Older, possibly wiser, and with a new challenge. Podcasts and radio shows were foreign territory to most of the corporate wrestling promotions back in the day. Now EVERYONE had one! Vince Russo, Jim Ross, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Taz, the list goes on forever. We moved our broadcast night to Thursdays to capitalise on the people flagging from a busy work week, and shook up our broadcasting lineup. After several months we realised that whilst the first incarnation of MOS was way ahead of it’s time, this version couldn’t keep up without making big changes. In October we paused the show and stepped back to re-evaluate.

In the years that followed we stayed in touch, and even did a special live Mixer stream for WrestleMania 35, where we played all the real matches live on WWE 2K prior to the Pay-Per-View. Lawrence built on this to create a successful Mixer channel, and then moved over to Twitch, taking his audience with him.

It was time. With the video streaming service of Twitch in the palm of our hands we decided to relaunch Ministry Of Slam in a new arena. For the first time ever we are live on video!

Check us out on Twitch every Sunday at 7pm UK time!